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Reality Sandwich: Retreat Guide

Thank you Reality Sandwich for the opportunity to contribute to the Ayahuasca Retreat Guide.
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Erika’s article on

Ayahuasca Can Help us Heal Deep Wounds of Global History: “When I first flew above the Amazon, I admired a solid sea of canopies that reached from one horizon to the other and I had the sense that the vast rainforest is not as fragile as people say.
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Meet Erika at the conference

Erika is one of over 120 international presenters and panelists. World Ayahuasca Conference 2019 will include ten community dialogue sessions, an indigenous autonomous space, Visionary Art exhibition, six AYAFilm screenings, fifteen book launches and presentations, pre-conference workshops, a big after party… and much more.
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Interview with Isa Mea on the book

Once, only indigenous peoples in remote areas of the world knew ayahuasca. Now it is available in our immediate vicinity. For what reasons people come to ayahuasca ceremonies? People from our part of the world are seeking contact with ayahuasca mainly because of personal growth, resolution of existential questions, spirituality and healing. In Peru the...
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Who really destroys shamans?

I was inspired to write this blog by the following thought I had seen on one of the social networks: Mass ayahuasca tourism (commercialization) has destroyed “shamans” (imho) Term ayhuasca tourism is used often and always with negative connotation. As it usually happens, people start repeating such sentences, they then become the truth, and noone...
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