Erika's article on published Erika’s article: Ayahuasca Can Help us Heal Deep Wounds of Global History:

“When I first flew above the Amazon, I admired a solid sea of canopies that reached from one horizon to the other and I had the sense that the vast rainforest is not as fragile as people say. During over a decade of regular visits to the area, I discovered it is much more vulnerable than we think.

I am an economist by education and an environmentalist by profession, and I advocate for the transition to a circular economy and global equity. I spent years in the rainforest exploring plant medicine knowledge. To my mind, the magic of visionary plants like ayahuasca resides in their ability to teach deep ecological and healing knowledge. As ayahuasca becomes but another global treasure from the Indigenous rainforest, we are presented with a very special opportunity to mend some major mistakes of the past.

Ayahuasca offers a path that can shape an environmentally healthier world that is rooted in social justice. But only if we are willing to see it. This article offers perspectives for heading in this direction.” … Read full article on