The book takes us on a journey to the Amazon where an environmentalist Isa Mea spent years exploring shamanic knowledge about ayahuasca and teacher plants. She began to understand that as ayahuasca becomes but another global treasure from Indigenous cultures, we are presented with a very special opportunity to mend some major mistakes of the past.




Erika Oblak is an environmentalist who publishes under her pen name Isa Mea. Erika traveled to Peru in 2006, where ayahuasca, an Amazonian plant mixture that is capable of inducing altered states of consciousness, accidentally crossed her path. Since then, she has been studying the teachings of Amazonian plant kingdom. Erika still regularly visits Peru where she spent years in the rainforest, completed a few dozen teacher plants dietas, and participated in several hundred ayahuasca ceremonies. She advocates for the transition to circular economy, global equity in the distribution of natural resources, and the related issues of Indigenous communities.


  • For decades, ayahuasca has steadily spread out beyond the Indigenous cultures to the Western world, and in the last decade we witness increased number of scientific research confirming its therapeutic potential. Modern science slowly confirms the healing knowledge, which has been present in Indigenous cultures for centuries. Now is the time for modern science to begin cooperating with the indigenous knowledge, and it is time to begin to understand that they do not exclude but complement each other. “The Time Is Now” offers a wonderful in-depth insight into this knowledge, enriched with the author’s personal story, which shows that really good therapists can only be those who have faced their own darkness and have returned from it.

    Mina Paš, MD, integrative psychotherapist
    Rabbit Hole: Institute for Psychotherapy and Research of Healing Potential of Altered States of Consciousness
  • An important piece for current times. A courageous journey showing the Interconnectedness of all, compelling us to see the importance of reclaiming our connection with nature and with one-self. Read and re-read this book to feel the full weight of its messages.

    Roni Collins
  • “The Time Is Now” reminds us that a different kind of human is possible, not buried in ages passed or part of a yet unattained evolutionary threshold. Isa outlines the path of awakening this knowledge, not from a viewpoint of this or that academic discipline, but through her own steps, traversed, when merging with a culture that succeeded in preserving such a human—an indispensable light-post in this day and age.

    Matej Janković
    Author of Drogerija broadcast on Radio Študent
  • “The Time Is Now” is a true testimony of the wisdom that lives in the Peruvian rainforest, part of the world where the path toward a better future for the planet and all of us still exists. Isa is taking us to the journey that gives so many gifts, and we can remember what is truly important.

    Maja Fabjan
    Journalist of the Delo newspaper
  • I was really mesmerized by reading “The Time Is Now”. The author uses a very compelling way to guide us through her experiences with ayahuasca. A must read introduction to the magical world of ayahuasca and other spirit beings. Reading Erika’s book stretched and expanded my belief about the subtle other realities that surround us. I recommend this book to everybody who wishes to know more about ayahuasca and the indigenous culture that is so closely related to it. Thank you Isa Mea for sharing your story with us. Great book!

    Pieter De Backer

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